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Mike & Diane Bromley

"We were made a fair offer and from the beginning, Intelligent Home Solutions Ltd were very helpful and kept us in constant touch with us throughout the sale of our home".

Mike & Diane Bromley

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Selling your inherited property

The most difficult and traumatic times of our lives are generally centered around the loss of a loved one. Handling the apportionment and sale of inherited property can usually add stress to an already difficult time.

The quickest way to release money from inherited property

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For many, taking time off work to deal with bereavement can lead to financial pressure and serious debt worry. This can lead to the need to release monies from inherited property quickly. Bereavement can also lead to us looking at our lives through new eyes. Reassessing whether the job we have been in for many years is really making us happy. The focus on living dreams before its too late, spending more time with existing family and children, buying our children the things we haven't been able to afford and taking that dream family holiday can become compelling priorities.

Waiting for your inherited property to be marketed through an estate agent, waiting endlessly for an offer to come through and the worry of an eventual buyer falling to purchase may fill you with anxiety and frustration. Who could blame you feeling this way? After all, selling your property in the open market can take many months and it's not unheard of for properties to take over a year to sell. If you have financial pressure and need to sell the property fast this can be a untenable situation.

Should you find yourself in a position whereby selling the property quickly and releasing funds is a priority, then why not consider selling your property to ihome? We can make you a offer to buy the property within 48 hours of your enquiry and complete the entire transaction (with funds in your account) as quickly as 10 days (subject to circumstances). ihome have been involved in many purchases of inherited property so understand the process well. We have both the financial mussel and experienced legal team to make things happen as quickly as possible. If exchanging contracts on a purchase before a 'Grant of Probate' has been issued, will give you the comfort and security you require, then this is something we can potentially look to do. Whatever your circumstances, if you would like a no obligation discussion with us to understand the options available, please give us a call on 0207 078 7211. Remember, our services are free of any fees to you, completely confidential, national and available 7 days a week.

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