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Mike & Diane Bromley

"We were made a fair offer and from the beginning, Intelligent Home Solutions Ltd were very helpful and kept us in constant touch with us throughout the sale of our home".

Mike & Diane Bromley

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Let us help you stop your repossession

Once started, the repossession process can be frighteningly fast. If you stand still and do nothing, you could lose your home in a matter of weeks.

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That first letter you receive from your lender warning you of a missed payment marks the beginnings of a train of events designed to give you plenty of time to sort out your financial difficulties, speak to the lender, seek alternative finance, or find a new place to live.

Many think that once the keys of their home are handed back to the lender, they can draw a line under the situation and move on, but that isn't necessarily so. The repercussions can go on for years, particularly if your home sells at auction or through an agent for less than the outstanding mortgage (including all fees and legal costs). The lender will look to the borrower to make up the difference and under English law, it can pursue the outstanding debts for up to six years (five years in Scotland). In addition, having your home repossessed will undoubtedly affect your credit rating and make it harder for you to borrow in the future. You will get a County Court Judgement on your record, which any future lender will see, but also the lender will make an entry with the council of mortgage lenders which could make it near-impossible for you to raise a mortgage.

If you are in a position where you have spoken to your lender but haven't been able to reach agreement to settle your arrears, you don't have time, or your unable to sell your property in the open market, then call ihome today to see if selling your property to us will enable you to halt your repossession, save you the stress of lenders and courts, and give you the freedom to carry on with your life. Even though ihome may be able to help you stop your repossession just hours before an eviction, you must act today to achieve the best possible solution and protect you and your families' future.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Free advice on how selling your property can help stop your repossession
  • A offer for your property within 48 hours
  • We are happy to attend court with you to give evidence of our offer and confirm purchase timescales
  • A discreet & confidential service- no one need know of your financial difficulties
  • No fees to pay – We pay your legal fees
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